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Talk to John -BEFORE you sit with a Builder 

Think about using your Realtor as a Buyer Agent when looking at new construction. The Builder’s Community Specialist is the HOUSE expert, but your Realtor can bring plenty of additional value to the table for you. It’s about getting More Value!

The Builder’s Community Specialist is the HOUSE expert, but your Realtor can bring plenty of value to the table for you. First-let your Realtor introduce you to the builder for the first appointment. This is the only obligation of the buyer. The key is- don’t sign-in at the model until the connection is made.

Why work with a Realtor?

1) You get a 2nd set of eyes and ears!

2) No cost. Builders pay the agents to find them buyers!  The cost is already built into the price.

2) We look out for your best interests. Many Realtors have relationships with Builders

3) We’re familiar with construction, and comparative homes in the area that you are searching 

4) We save you legwork (there’s plenty of paperwork, process, and running around to do.)

5) Contract Review by an Attorney (no cost)

6) Help Negotiate your contract (Builders further respect buyers who use agents.)

7) We save you TIME and MONEY.

So- if you’re thinking about sitting with a builder, let’s talk first.
Find out the VALUE that I can provide you. You have nothing to lose, and plenty to gain- with extra support and expertise. There is a key to making this work. I would need to introduce you on the FIRST visit to the builder, and represent you at Closing. 



1. Who has your Best Interest?  

You are the Buyer. They are the Seller. I would recommend that you use a Realtor to represent your best interests. So- you have nothing to lose, and much to gain.

2. You don’t get a better price if you deal directly with a Builder.

It’s simply not true. Like a resale home, there are commissions behind every deal. First- Builders do not want to reduce their prices because it sets the comparison price for future home sales in that neighborhood. If a buyer goes to a new-home builder without a real estate agent, either the builder’s agent gets it all, or the builder will pocket that money.

3. Time Is Money for Builders.

Builders are not like regular sellers. They are not emotionally attached to the property. They make decisions based on what is best for their bottom line. There is something known as the time value of money, which means that money available at the now is worth more than the same amount of money later. Point is– every day a builder has a home that is sitting for sale on the market, they are losing money. Look for builder inventory homes that have been on the market for 45 days or more. These are the homes in which a buyer might be able to get a good deal.

4. A Buyer’s Agent can Protect your Best Interests 

Getting everything in writing seems obvious, but the builder’s agent says during a showing of a new-construction home. If something said is important to the buyer, get it in writing.

The majority of larger builders will have lengthy, attorney-written, intimidating-looking purchase agreements that cover all the pertinent details of the new-home purchase. Ensure you read through and are familiar with the purchase agreement.

5. What You See is NOT What You Get

Often the model home is a high-end version of the standard home. It is the builder’s showcase home and a way for the builder to show off many of the stellar upgrades it can offer. The builder hopes a buyer will like these upgrades and ultimately add them to the purchase of the home. In general, these upgrades have good profit margins for the builder. When touring the model home, find out exactly what options are standard, what options are available, and, of course, what any additional options will cost.

6. Purchase the builder’s model home.

Purchasing the builder’s model home can be an excellent deal. Remember, these homes are the showcase homes for the builder. The builders have packed great upgrades and features into the model. Typically when the community is almost complete, the builder will put the model home up for sale. Be on the lookout for them.





These gently used model homes are typically a pretty good deal. These homes tend to sell for market value and have the showcased upgrades.

Good Luck and…please call me to discuss any of this.

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